Wesley the Owl by Stacey O’Brien

After finishing writing my own little book, Animals of the Homestead, I started to wonder what other “me and my bird” stories are out there. As expected, majority of animal stories were about dogs, and some about horses. I might never have read this book, had I not had the few months experience with chickens […]

Rain and Embers by Ali Nuri

Poetry is never a quick read for me and if a collection is not compelling there is a high risk that I’m not able to hold my interest. This book however I was able to finish over many days. There is a sense of narrative in the intimate glimpses into the poet’s life, feelings, and […]

Nothing Wrong: Extra Notes

In the years since I started writing these poems, I learned that much of what I was trying to express had labels. And that the reason for my pain and suffering were not as inexplicable as I thought.  Labels Sometimes it just helps to know that there is a label for what has happened to […]

Side Projects as Creative Problem Solving

There are times when I get sidetracked to a totally new or long forgotten interest. I become quite consumed with it. At least for awhile I act like I just might make a plunge into this totally new field. It may be why neither myself or anyone else around me could make any sense of […]

Watching My Toddler Do Puzzles

Roughly 6 months back, the toddler kept demanding we do 12 piece puzzles. No, she did not want to do them herself. We were slightly annoyed that we had to do them over and over again when she had no intention of trying them herself. She would watch intently. But frankly, we felt those puzzles […]