Watching My Toddler Do Puzzles

Roughly 6 months back, the toddler kept demanding we do 12 piece puzzles. No, she did not want to do them herself. We were slightly annoyed that we had to do them over and over again when she had no intention of trying them herself. She would watch intently. But frankly, we felt those puzzles... Continue Reading →

Techtopia by Neil Ami

Techtopia is my first little chapbook of short poems that mostly rhyme. Why do we have something of a love hate relationship about spending time online? Exploring our feelings of inadequacy, helplessness, and loneliness to hope, humanity, and new connections. Techtopia is available on Amazon (eBook and paperback).

First Post

It took a decade to finally write this post. My first inkling that I wanted to write was more than a decade before that. So what happened? Why was I stuck for years, even decades? I think I finally have a clue and would like to try and share what I’m learning more openly.  I’m... Continue Reading →

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